Thrift: Pleated Skirt

I bought this skirt when I was pregnant with Tate. It was an incredibly awkward mid calf length and I thought it would be perfect over my baby bump. I then attempted to trim the hem to work with my tummy - I failed miserably. It was all sorts of uneven and no longer reached my knees. I threw it in my sewing pile and didn't revisit it until recently. I finally managed to even out the bottom and am am loving how it turned out!

J.Crew Outlet Tee - $7.50 | similar here | and here 
Thrifted Skirt - $6.00 | similar (on sale)
Necklace - DIY | similar here
Ricky Wedges (on sale! + free shipping) c/o Blowfish Shoes
hair tutorial

Have you thrifted anything good lately?


  1. wow, what a great find. ive been looking for a pleated skirt in the thrift stores, but havnt been as lucky as you. plus that cream color is great for both summer and winter i would think.

  2. So pretty! Was this a knit, or did you have to hem it? I'm asking because I always wonder about how to hem pleated skirts without losing the pleats.

    1. I wouldn't know how to hem it either! It is a woven fabric, and I used fray check. Worked like a charm!

  3. That is fantastic! You look amazing.

  4. I think that is a great looking skirt. I tend to stay away from pleats like that. I'm just not some enough on bottom to make it work.


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