This Week

We had a fabulous time celebrating the 4th of July.
Our day was jam packed and I loved every sunburned, sparkly minute of it.

Here are a few things to take you into the weekend:  

I have been sporting this suit at the beach and get tons of compliments.
I would love to wear this pretty necklace.
I desperately want to try out this DIY bandeau swimsuit tutorial.
I just discovered Mango Outlet which is chock full of goodies (including these lovely stems).
I adore this sweet floral tee.

We are gearing up for a road trip to North Carolina and DC next week and are so excited. 
What are you weekend plans?


  1. Have fun in NC! That's where I live!

  2. Madeline just an idea, now that you're a .com and not a should change the favicon from the blogspot one :) it's under layout but I'm sure you already knew that. Happy 4th!


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