Reader Request: Pinterest {Floral + Pearls}

I got this request from Shannon yesterday,

I'm going to a wedding in January in California. My problem is I'll be bringing my 6 month old, so I can't wear a dress. Can you help me find an affordable version of this outfit?

 Pretty right?

Here's my best budget option:

Knit Cardigan - Mango - $34.90
Tie Back Floral Tank - Old Navy - $12.99 (Orig. $26.94) | Another option
Halogen® Pleated Knit Skirt - Nordstrom - $38.90 (Orig. $78.00)
Silver Tone Simulated Pearl Swag Necklace - Kohls - $18.20 (Orig. $28.00) | Another option
Jet Simulated Pearl Bead Cluster Stretch Bracelet - Kohls - $13.00 (Orig. $20.00)
total: $117.99

What do you think? Is this something you would wear?

Leave your thoughts below.


  1. You're amazing, what a great outfit! I can't believe how similar the two tops are,

  2. Very cute but I think it still needs a belt. I really like the sash type belt in the first picture. other than that I have to agree you are pretty amazing.


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