I Could Do That: Holiday Sparkle Sweater

I posted on this sweater last week.

{Holiday Sparkle Sweater - American Eagle - $59.50}

As I mentioned, I think this is a pretty simple DIY project (granted you find the right applique). So I scoured the web and found a couple of pieces when put together will make a similar look for way less.

Basic Lslv Top - Forever 21 - $14.80
White + Silver Floral Motif Applique (x2) - Sequin Appliques - $5.98
total: $20.78

A few more shirt options:
{one | two | three}

What do you think? Anything you are craving to make this week?

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  1. I like the applique you found better, too!
    I'm sure you're busy and have lots of post ideas, but in case you're looking for one - how about a basic silk blouse roundup (no bow collars or safari shirts, just fairly simple button ups)? I found a few on final sale at J. Crew and Madewell, but have been searching for other options, too. So many seem to have frills or are printed, just a simple solid color blouse with or without a collar and with or without pockets... Seen any?


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