Style File: Kelli {Family Photo Shoot}

I got an email from a good friend from High School asking for some family photo styling help. She was looking for outfit ideas for she, her husband, and her sweet little daughter. They will be grouped with her side of the family who are all wearing denim and either red or brown tops. This is what I came up with:

V-Neck Cardigan - $20.00 (Orig. $24.50)
Sleeveless Ruffled Top $14.50 (Orig. $22.50)
Flannel Shirt - $29.50
Ruffled Babydoll Top $10.50

I made all my selections from Old Navy, as she only has 3 days to find things, and I think ON is the most reasonably priced apparel store for the whole family. I also made sure to vary the patterns and shades of red and brown to keep the shot from looking flat.

Would you wear this combo for a family photo? Any tips you want to share for dressing for big group family pictures? Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Absolutely yes! those tops are all so adorable - i'm popping over to ON now to get the little girl top!

  2. Great job! I need a look for my kids for Christmas pictures, and since my older two are in adult sizes, this match up will work well for them. Thanks.

  3. love the men's flannel. very nice, and the cardi/ruffle option is good too. i usually go to ON for our family 'outfits' for pictures, as they are affordable, and very mix/match throughout all age ranges.

  4. I love it!! It is so much mroe interesting than the whole family wearing the same boring shirt!

  5. Why yes, yes I would! Thanks again Madeline, you are the best!!!

  6. love the coloring!

    putting your picture up tonight.


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