LOFT: BOGO Half off Tops + Sweaters

The LOFT is offering Buy One Get One Half off on all full-priced sweaters and tops for a limited time.

Here are my picks:

1 - Self-Tie Button Down - $44.50 (half-off: $22.25) 
2 - Ruffles and Rosettes Tee - $49.50 (half-off: $24.75) {petite}
3 - Starburst Knot Tee - $29.50 (half-off: $14.75) {in all its waist nipping glory, so flattering}
4 - 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan with Bow - $59.50 (half-off: $29.75) {petite}
5 - Pleated Bow Blouse-Solid - $49.50 (half-off: $24.75)
6 - Watercolor Graphic Tee - $34.50 (half-off: $27.25) {petite}

What do you think? Is this promo enough to get you to buy? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. its still too expensive to get me to buy but i do love the ruffles and rosettes tee and the 3/4 sleeve cardigan with bow.

  2. i LOVE the top UNDER number 4 cardigan!

  3. @ Heidi Jo - Me too. I am totally coveting it.

  4. i got the cardigan with bow this weekend AND the polka dot shirt underneath and they are both fabulous


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