DIY: Heart Project Round Up

With Valentine's Day approaching, I am feeling an extra pull toward hearts (I am loving hearts anyway, but V-Day is a great excuse!)

I have rounded up 9 of my very favorite easy heart themed DIY project tutorials.

1 - Sequin Heart Shirt via Say Yes to Hoboken
2 - Painted Heart Bag via V and Co.
3 - Felted Heart Sweater via Say Yes to Hoboken
4 - Suede Shoulder Heart Patches via A Subtle Revelry
5 - Cross Stitch Heart Sweater - Me
6 - Heart Print Jeans via My Little Secret
7 - Make Your Own Heart Sweater via A Beautiful Mess
8 - Felted Wool Heart Elbow Patch via Honestly WTF
9 - Lace Heart Cardigan via Sincerely Kinsey

Have you attempted any of these? I am totally fascinated by the felted projects (3 & 8).


  1. I love ALL of these.

    Every single one.

    But specifically, I'd love to try #1, #8, #9.


  2. Dear Madeline, I just found your blog via Pinterest, I'm really loving all your refashion posts, you have really inspired me to try and refashion something from the thrift store, wish me luck! ;) I love your style, you're proof that someone can be fashionable even on a very tight budget! Thanks for the good ideas and the inspiration!


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