Spied: Gold Damask Skinny Jeans

I am in love with these pants. I think they are just the coolest. Especially with the holidays approaching. If I had anywhere to go on New Years, I would be wearing these.

Damask Skinny Jeans - Forever 21 - $29.80

Plus, they remind me of this outfit, which I would wear every day.

{image source | LovelyPepa}

Would you were them?


  1. Oh, they are really nice! So good to have a bit of luxe in a pair of jeans.


  2. Those are AWESOME. I really enjoy your Forever 21 posts.

  3. Gorgeous pants! I'm tempted to get the black ones, but they still would be very impractical.

    1. Super impractical. They're pretty, but I would hardly ever wear them.


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