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Hey y'all, please excuse my recent absence. I've been busy, um, not writing. hahaha. I plan to be writing more after the new year. But in the mean time, check out my most recent stuff at BFY.

I write daily for Babble's Baby's First Year. Here are my recent posts:

Some moms get anxious about sharing too much about their kids on the web, I am obviously not that mom. Read why I write about my kid on the internet. And I would love to hear your take!

You will laugh at the photo comparisons of Tate and his parents. Check them out and tell me if you think my baby looks like me at all.

People everywhere are naming their babies after Twilight characters. And this is no new trend, click through to read about other supernatural hits that influenced baby naming trends.

I get a little controversial, and ask you to vaccinate your kids.

And for a bit of holiday fluff, check out these ridiculously cute pictures of babies in stockings.

+ one from the archives: 18 DIY Projects for your baby's nursery


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