And We're Back

Long time no post! We are finally getting settled in Texas. I went an unspeakable amount of time without the internet, and three hellish days in a moving truck. I also suffered some SERIOUS set backs - mostly technological. Did you notice that the blog went missing?

The crazy thing is when my cousin emailed me to tell me it was down - I hadn't even noticed. Oh how neglectful I have been. Long story short, my gmail account was hacked and the hacker deleted this blog. Oh, my heart broke when I saw the damage. How quickly this place I have created over the past three years could be removed from existence.

Luckily, I was able to get everything restored. And I am finally in a place where I can tend to this blog the way I should, the way I used to.

This is my resolution. I will blog. I promise.

Thanks for always reading what I have to say, I am afraid I have been taking this whole blogging thing for granted.



  1. I'm so glad you're back! Good luck with the heat. You do get used to it. Last summer I thought I was going to die, and this summer I don't really mind the humidity with the heat.

  2. I'm sad I never got to meet your adorable baby boy. I'm glad it all got figured out and I'm glad I emailed you about it! I was missing your blog! Hope you'll be back for thanksgiving or something

  3. Oh, no! What an ordeal. So glad you were able to restore everything. Do you have any tips to keep one's account safe now?

  4. Glad your back! I've missed my daily fashion fix. Wow - give yourself a pat on the back for making that long move with a little baby! You are super mom!

  5. Welcome back! It's amazing to me that people don't have anything better to do other than to hack someones email and erase their blog!!! I'm so glad you were able to recover it =)

  6. I was wondering how you've been. Welcome back and yay for blog recovery :)

  7. phew. i must say i got worried when i discovered the blog removed! i thought you stopped without warning, hehe. glad you're back!


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