Ruche Resort Look Book

I was perusing pinterest yesterday and I fell head over heals for this look from Ruche's Resort Look Book.

Isn't it beautiful? The chevron stripes, the flowy skirt, and that fabulous pop of green. I could just eat it up. (just $88 for my 3 favorite pieces)

And as if that wasn't enough, check out this blouse:

abbey court bow top - $36.99

I love that blouse so much, I will dream about it.

Have you checked out their look book? What's your favorite look? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. I fell in love with that same outfit. So gorgeous!! I want all of it.

    Freckles in April

  2. That blouse IS dreamy, and I totally want it to come live in my closet.

  3. Those stripes are calling me! Just Lovely!!

  4. I love that blouse!! I want one.

  5. They always, always have the best models over at Ruche, every single one of them as beautiful and wholesome as a basket of fruit, as I once read it put.

    They make me want everything :I

  6. hi sweetie, just found your blog!!
    love your style and following now:)
    kiss from prague
    you can check my blog too:)
    have a wonderful day!

  7. I love the top, too. I sew so I'm hoping to find a similar pattern and make it myself, but the price isn't terrible all things considered! The green makes the outfit, too!


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