Friday Wishlist: Anthropologie Wreathen Blouse

I heart crochet. I have been looking for a little crocheted something to wear this summer. I saw this and absolutely fell in love with the delicate pattern. If only I could afford it.

Wreathen Blouse - Anthropologie - $78.00

What do you think? Is this something you would wear? What's your fashion dream this week? Leave your thoughts below.

Happy Weekend. 


  1. The lace top paired with a dress in this Ruche look reminds me a lot of the Anthropolgie top for a 1/3 of the cost.
    Even though the Ruche top isn't crocheted, I think the basic idea is similiar. :)

  2. Um. No. Looks like my grandmother's table cloth. Sorry.

  3. I think the lace/crochet thing is lovely, but it doesn't do a thing for me personally. I can't really do the big ruffle thing, either, as it makes me look ridiculous. It's perfect for some people, just not me. :) Here's what I found at Forever 21 for cheaper yet, although not quite the same:,, and Congrats again on the new baby!

  4. Love it! I bought this shirt from JC Penney for a fraction of the cost and it is very similar. Nice for the post-partum period, too!|72066

  5. Oh, yes! I love-love-love crocheted t-shirts, but not much else that's crocheted (well, tiny flowers, but that's it). I used to see intricate crocheted beach cover ups when I'd go to Cuba for holidays, and wondered why none of the women were making clothes. (I mean, some girls with really hot bodies wear those things as dresses, but I'm not one of them.) Then I found this:

    Mission accomplished.


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